Blasters Liquidator™ is a paint stripe and runway rubber removal system which utilized ultra-high-pressure water equipment to safely remove roadway markings, airport runway markings and rubber buildup, curing compound, sealer and tack.
  • Utilization of 20,000 to 40,000 PSI (1,379 – 2,758 bar)
  • Ranging from 7 to 12 GPM (26.50 – 45.42 LPM)
  • Vacuum available on all units
  • Integrated or Modular
  • 11″ and 19″ cleaning heads (280 – 480 mm)
  • Each unit is custom designed and built
Remove Airport Runway Markings and Airport Rubber build up, Road Way Markings, Curing Compound, Sealer and Tack with Little or NO Damage To The Surface.

Blasterliquidator-Icon2Economical water-blast runway and pavement markings removal system

The Liquidator system is by far the most economical water-blast runway and pavement markings removal system on the market today. Both new and used units offer huge savings compared to the competition, with superior performance results.

Our unique removal equipment, designed by our engineering team, offers the following advantages:

  • No damage to the concrete or asphalt structural surface during the removal process
  • Replaces grinders, planers, shot blasters and sandblasters that create ruts, troughs, scarring and damage to the surfaces
  • Extremely high continuous-production removal rates
  • Vacuum recovery results in no environmental impact and leaves a clean surface with a sound profile for strong bonding for all coatings
  • No chemicals or abrasives required
  • Performs day or night, rain or shine

Blasterliquidator-Icon2Marking and rubber removal system

Unique features of the Liquidator marking and rubber removal system include:

  • Truck driver and Liquidator operator have appropriate electronic control and monitoring capabilities
  • Tractor-mount cleaning head assembly
  • Truck-mount option with single or dual-head assembly
  • Variety of cleaning path sizes, from 5in (12.7cm) to 27in (68.6cm), with multiport nozzle bars with a twist-lock vacuum shroud
  • Simultaneous one-step process of blast removal and vacuum recovery of blast water and solid debris
  • Vacuum recovery box unique design allows filtered dirty blast water to decant while retaining the solid debris
  • Up to 1,400ft³/m (39,643l/m) vacuum power pack
  • Gravity discharge vacuum box with 1,800gal (6,814l) capacity
  • Water supply tank of 1,000gal to 2,850gal (3,785l to 10,788l)

Blasterliquidator-Icon2Customizable runway and pavement markings removal system

Blasters can customize both new and used Liquidator 20,000psi (1,400bar) or 40,000psi (2,800bar) water-blast runway and pavement markings removal systems, in order to meet customers’ needs and financial budgets. Our engineering staff will work side-by-side with you to offer viable options.

The Liquidator can be truck-mounted with either single or dual-head assembly, and a tractor-mounted cleaning head is also available. Trucks can be supplied by Blasters. Other options include an integrated system and vacuum recovery.

Blasterliquidator-Icon2Airport, garage, hangar, highway and curb-cleaning water-blast markings removal system

Other applications for the Liquidator water-blast markings removal system includes airport runways, apron, gate and taxiways; garages; hangar floors; highways; coatings from condominium decks; and curb cleaning.

For over 37 years Blasters has been dedicated to saving its customers time and money. Our team of experienced engineers and our contracting service arm designed the technology for rapid quality marking removal. The Liquidator is a formula for success: multiple applications plus high production rates equal a rapid return on investment.

Liquidator Models

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