We have had the privilege to work with many great companies from all over the world and we are thankful! Here are just a few of the success stories and feedback our Blaster’s Liquidator.

Third and goal, 4 seconds to go, down 3 points in the most important game of the season for all the marbles in the world, what do you do?


Back in 2013, we were looking for a company to supply us with a dedicated runway cleaning truck for a project in Manila. Time was of the essence as the bidding deadline was just a few weeks away. We sent queries to various suppliers, and they responded with offers that would have made our bid financially uncompetitive. Moreover, all the suppliers did not have a presence in the Philippines. So after sales service was definitely going to be a problem down the road, especially for these complex machines.


With the deadline to submit tenders fast approaching and without a clear supplier at hand, we decided to contact Blasters, Inc. Even though we had known about them and had seen their booth at the WJTA convention, we had never had any dealings with them.


After our initial phone conversation, Blasters agreed to come on board and provide us with a custom solution to meet the equipment specifications of our project. We had two major considerations. First was to keep the cost down, and both our companies mutually agreed on ways to stay within budget.


Second was to make the machine simple and easy to operate and maintain. After all, we were on our own in the Philippines.


After a few back and forths and a couple of plant visits to check on the machine’s build progress, our Liquidator arrived in the Philippines. Blasters, Inc sent their engineer to commission the equipment. Everything went smoothly and the Liquidator is running perfectly, removing rubber as intended.


Looking back, we are very happy that we made the right decision in choosing Blasters, Inc, a family-run company like ours. We stayed within budget. We acquired a well-built machine that is easy on the upkeep. We get excellent after-sales service both in terms of technical support and parts availability. And we gained new friends – friends we can trust.


So, 4 seconds to go, what do you do? Hand the ball to your best player and charge head on for the goal line and… Touchdown!

– Albert San GabrielGeneral Manager

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