World leading pavement marking and runway rubber removal system for 37 years.

Road Marking Removal

The key consideration during line removal of road markings is to minimize travel disruption. The Liquidator is faster than any other method and does not release any particles into the atmosphere. Cold and thermoplastic markings can be removed without damaging the pavement. Pressure exercised to remove the paint depends on the type of paint cold or thermoplastic, thickness and age of the paint. The effluent is collected in a recovery tank via the integrated vacuum system.

Runway Rubber & Marking Removal

The Liquidator quickly and efficiently removes rubber deposits from the runways and improves the friction coefficient, removes markings and cleans oil & grease from aprons. At the same time ensures no damage neither to pavement nor to the runway lighting systems. It is a self-contained system that incorporates an ultra-high pressure pump powered by a diesel engine, a three-head rotary cleaning assembly, a water tank, a vacuum recovery tank and steady speed-control system for the truck. The water jets of the system rotate at high speeds, to completely and efficiently remove rubber or pavement markings, while not damaging the concrete or asphalt. The rubber, paint and other resulting liquid and debris are collected in a 6,000 liters’ recovery tank via the integrated vacuum system

Curing Compound Removal

When curing compound must be completely removed before attempting to apply new markings the Liquidator will not only remove the curing compound but it also provides a profile to the surface ideal for new marking adhesion.

Paint Cleaning and Rejuvenation

The effects of excessive heat on asphalt pavements can be extremely costly for cities as it causes traffic markings to be “blacked out” by the heated rubber tires of commuters. Paint cleaning & rejuvenation isn’t just for roads and bridges, this process can also be used at airports as well, rejuvenating runway center lines quickly and cost effectively. The Liquidator can remove markings, rubber, contaminates, algae, and more from markings restoring their reflectivity levels.

Surface Prep

Surface Preparation is the process of removing contaminants. Removable contaminants include paint, oil, and rubber. Contaminates are removed with water blasting before coating or painting a surface to ensure the best marking adhesion.

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