World leading pavement marking and runway rubber removal system for 37 years.

Road-way projects

The Blasters Liquidator is used by DOT striping contractors throughout the USA to remove pavement markings, curing compound on new concrete, pavement marking rejuvenation, and retexturing asphalt surfaces with full vacuum recovery.

Runway rubber & marking removal

The Liquidator is designed with multiple nozzle bar cleaning widths and nozzle configurations (from 6″ to 36″) with 72″ sweep function to remove airport runway rubber build up and remove runway and taxi way pavement markings from both asphalt and concrete surfaces, with full vacuum recovery.

Curing compound removal

The Liquidator is used on both airport and roadway concrete surfaces to remove the curing compound prior to recoating, critical to the quality of coating bonding to new concrete.

Paint cleaning and rejuvenation

The Liquidator is used on both airports and roadways to clean existing striping/coatings to enhance the coating reflectivity or to allow restriping.

Retexturing of asphalt surfaces is used to recover the profile in roadway tire tracks where the asphalt has percolated to the surface causing low tire friction, a major safety risk.

Coating removal and surface preparation using the Kubota mounted cleaning head assembly

The Liquidator Kubota system is used in multiple applications on airports and roadways and parking lots to remove pavement markings from restricted areas such as airport gate areas, roadway messages, city roadway/intersections.

The Kubota system will deliver the same energy as the truck mounted system; however, production rates are greatly improved with the flexibility of this unit in restricted areas.

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