About Us

Blasters, Inc. was founded in 1975 by Chairman and CEO, Frederick A. Boos and is headquartered in Tampa, Florida. Our management team has over 100 years of water blasting experience and is led by President Scott F. Boos. Our extensive knowledge of this industry gives us the expertise to handle any project using pressures from 5,000PSI to 40,000PSI together with incorporating the correct gallon per minute or GPM to effectively complete the project.


Blasters has a longstanding reputation for safe, innovative designs and during the past 40 years has become a leader in the water blasting industry. Offering solutions to projects such as industrial cleaning, hydro demolition, surface preparation, highway paint and runway rubber removal, and many other unique projects have increased our presence in the industry. 


Over 20 years ago Blasters was challenged by a contractor to design and build a piece of equipment specifically for the removal of rubber and markings from a runway at the Hartsfield International Airport. The result was a complete and successful design of the Liquidator Product line. From that day forward, Blasters Inc. has continued to improve this segment of the business and remains a leader in this industry. With the ability to offer many different types of custom builds, Blasters Inc. can offer a system that will fit your project’s needs and budget.


Blasters also offers specialty tools as well as custom built equipment. As a StoneAge and Parker certified dealer, Blasters, Inc. can provide many different solutions to any project or specialty application.


In addition to the Liquidator product line, Blasters, Inc. has several additional business segments to fit your every project need. From its Certified Pre-Owned program, a complete rental program of water blasters, parts and accessories, as well as Ready-Jet, Blasters continues to be leader in the water blasting industry.


Blasters, Inc. is a Specialty Contractor providing real solutions, with applications as wide as your imagination. From the runway to roadway and everywhere in between, Blasters will prepare you for success.

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